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Streamline your business

with our fast, reliable, long-established payment gateway . We efficiently process payments and collect funds for our clients. Acting as a single solution payment partner, we help businesses enable their customers to pay for their goods and services as simply as possible; both locally and internationally.

Our Payment Services

Monetize your business with our fast and reliable payment gateway

We process payments and collect funds for our customers. Acting as a one-for-all payment partner, we help online merchants to reach their customers to pay – locally and internationally.

Various options for easy and fast integration

Our flexible API is both flexible and easy to integrate and universally loved by developers.

A complete payment processing solution

Real-time access to your payment processing data through our ‘Dashboard’.

The "Payment Request" process

Companies connected using our API or website enter the payer details and amount within the ‘Dashboard’

Risk management

Unlike many processors, we reduce risk and fraud by requiring all payers to pass a KYC check. This monitoring and risk management is proved to significantly reduce chargebacks and claims.

Settlement of funds

We collect funds from all payment transactions and methods and remit them as a bundled payment, payment cycles and terms for each payment method are agreed in advance.

Collecting Funds & Payments

The payment gateway features ‘intelligent routing’ to ensure that the most appropriate payment methods are offered for each transaction, this ensures maximum coverage, security, and traction.

The e-Wallet is another option to make and receive payments.

Our user friendly app is available from the AppStore and Google Play.  

Key benefits of the mobile app are:

  • View all payments made
  • Easy to top-up balance
  • Receive credits from other users directly to the app
  • Transfer credits from one user to another using a QR code
  • Make in person payments using a QR code
  • Access business POS services (Business Accounts only) Coming Soon
  • Send a Payment Request to another user
  • Accept or decline a Payment Request

The Contract

One contract is all that is required to have access to a variety of payment methods and solutions.

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